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An effective, cost-saving alternative daily cover (ADC).

BioCover’s hydraulically applied cover meets federal regulations, is less expensive than other alternative covers and is easier to apply. Manufactured from Thermally Refined® wood fibers combined with cellulose fiber and a viscous hydro-colloid tackifier, BioCover™ is the superior alternative to soil, mulch or plastic daily covers.

Better for the environment—minimizes the accumulated leachate pockets and leachate seeps that are typically caused by continuous daily soil cover practices; designed as 100% biodegradable and non-toxic
Creates a uniform and protective layer that is drastically thinner than comparably effective soil applications, increasing available space and the functional lifespan of the landfill
Increases Landfill Gas Management System efficiency—minimizes the number of intermediate impervious layers which increases the capture zone and efficiency of the gas extraction system
Utilizes a hydro-colloid tackifier to increase the bond to debris, including plastic and other slick-surface materials

BioCover SS

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Superior stabilize in a quick, safe, easy hydraulic application.

BioCover™ SS is a hydraulically applied matrix designed to provide up to 4 months of cost-effective dust suppression, soil stabilization and erosion control on high dust-producing projects such as active fly ash disposal areas. It is a non-toxic, biodegradable alternative to inorganic chemical and petroleum-based dust palliatives.

Once cured, this engineered matrix creates a durable, yet flexible bond with the substrate, as opposed to rigid crusts developed by inorganic stabilizers. It is: Non-toxic, environmentally safe and biodegradable Pre-blended for consistent performance; no mixing required Green to facilitate application and inspection Features Thermally Refined® wood fibers to enhance chemistry, bond strength and longevity Forms a flexible, self-maintaining bond that resists soil heaving from freeze/thaw and other lifting forces

TOPCOAT Daily Landfill CoverLearn More...

Fire. Odor. Regulations. We’ve got them all covered.JF Landfill1

TOPCOAT is the least expensive way to meet daily landfill cover regulations.

It’s also the best.

Why? Because in addition to meeting regulations, it’s easy to use, with a one-bag system that lets you use regular hydroseeding equipment. It’s fast — there’s no mixing time. It’s effective, forming a blanket that controls disease vectors, fire, odor and more. It’s non-toxic and biodegradable. And it’s manufactured from post-consumer paper, chemicals and other proprietary ingredients.


  • More cost-effective than digging or hauling in dirtJF Landfill2
  • Saves space and extends the life of a landfill – 1/4 inch of Topcoat vs. 6 inches of dirt
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Prevents blowing litter
  • Reduces odor omissions
  • Controls birds and other scavengers
  • Protection from fires, disease vectors, erosion and more

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 Waste-Cover Daily Landfill CoverLearn More...

Waste-Cover is an alternate daily landfill cover manufactured from recycled paper and wood, polymers, enzyme complex, biological stimulants, and other proprietary ingredients. Waste-Cover helps breakdown the garbage faster and helps alleviate odors. All ingredients are not-toxic and biodegradable. Lend Mother Nature a helping hand, make your landfill more efficient by using Waste-Cover. JF Landfill3
Waste-Cover, has been approved for use as a routine Alternative Daily Cover to be applied over exposed compacted waste material at the end of each working day to minimize vector breeding and animal attraction, control leachate and erosion, reduce fire hazard potential, minimize blowing litter, reduce noxious odors, and provide an overall aesthetic appearance to the landfill.

Waste-Cover is more than just a cosmetic cover. The breakdown of organic materials is advanced through the stimulation of the microbial activity already present in the landfill materials. The odor control materials have been added to combat the inherent problem of "smell" existing in most landfills. These smells come from the never-ending process of the breakdown of the organic materials within the cell confines. All ingredients are not-toxic and biodegradable. Lend Mother Nature a helping hand, make your landfill more efficient by using Waste-Cover.

Saving Airspace

The life of any landfill depends on the remaining permitted available airspace. Each cubic yard of dirt that is used for daily cover results in a permanent loss of revenue on space that can not be sold. Spray on slurries do not consume airspace and it meets or exceeds all of the performance criteria for Alternative Daily Cover material as required by the Standard Guide for Evaluation and Selection of Alternative Daily Cover (ADC's) for Sanitary Landfills (D-6523).

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