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With their rich colour, thick density and low growing habit, bentgrasses are the luxury grasses of the cool season grasses. There are three types of bent grass, Colonial, Creeping, and Velvet, each with individual characteristics relating to climate, salt tolerance, depth of color and texture. A native of Europe and parts of Asia, bentgrass is a cool season grass requiring cool, humid environments.


Bluegrass is a general purpose turfgrass used on lawns, parks, athletic fields, and golf course roughs and fairways. Bluegrass is a long-lived perennial widely adapted throughout cool season growing areas. Used in the cool semiarid and arid regions if irrigated, bluegrass can survive extended drought periods and will initiate new shoot growth when moisture conditions improve.


Fescue is an excellent low-maintenance turfgrass. Ideal for golf course roughs with its deep root system, fescue boasts superior wear, drought and shade tolerance when mature..


A very versatile grass, ryegrass can be used on its own, but is more often used in seeding mixtures with other grasses. Ryegrasses, both annual and perennial, are often used for their fast growing ability as a cool season grass. Perennial ryegrass is a permanent turf choice and annual ryegrass is seeded yearly, only living for one season.


Traditionally, turf professionals have used blends of different varieties when planting Kentucky bluegrasses, perennial ryegrasses, and fescues to ensure a broad genetic base that capitalizes on the strengths of the different varieties. This enables the turf manager to attain the highest quality turf under varying management conditions and environmental stresses.


From weather conditions to maintenance concerns, We also offer speciality seeds including wildflower mixtures. With the same high quality as our other grass seeds, we have the right ground cover solution for every situation and application.

Rolled Products

Vegetative Establishment Blankets


Futerra blankets are head of the class.

Futerra® blankets have been proven to deliver the fastest germination and highest effectiveness rating when compared to traditional straw and excelsior blankets.

They more intimately bond to soil to prevent seed migration and sediment loss for up to 12 months. They weigh much less and install with fewer man-hours per square yard. And, as you would expect from Green Design Engineering™, Futerra blankets are more earth-friendly; fully photo and biodegradable and safe for wildlife.

Green Design Engineering™ is a holistic approach combining agronomic and engineering expertise with advanced technologies to produce a broad array of cost-effective and earth-friendly solutions. Even before Profile’s products are utilized, Green Design Engineering improves the natural environment. Through the years, Profile Products* has recycled over 2 billion pounds of wood and paper, removing it from the waste stream and returning it to the natural environment.

Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs)


Now you can take a natural approach to permanent, sustainable solutions

Green Design Engineering™ has taken erosion control with natural vegetation to a whole new level. Reinforced vegetation can now handle nearly 3 times the velocity and up to 5 times the shear stresses of natural turf; sites that were once the sole domain of hard armor. At the heart of this remarkable accomplishment:

GreenArmor™ System, featuring Futerra TRM's and fiber-reinforced, hydraulically applied mulch matrix.

Futerra® Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) and NEW Futerra® R45 

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