Aqua-pHix Granular Formula

aquaphix granular-bag-72_0

Granular formula for soil pH values over 7.3

This is the safest, easiest-to-use and longest-lasting way to modify alkaline soils than any other option you’ll find.
Our proprietary formulation contains slow-release, self-buffering chelated organic and inorganic acid impregnated into Profile ceramics. Dry-applied; incorporate into soils or topdress for use in landscapes, golf courses and horticulture.

Proven effective at lowering pH, and reducing bicarbonates and sodium in alkaline soils
More effective and longer lasting than any other acidifier on the market

Packaging: 40, 50-lb (22.7 kg) bags/pallet

Aqua-pHix HYDRO Formula


For water and/or soil pH values over 7.3

Nothing else on the market today will modify alkaline soils faster than Aqua-pHix™—its effect is immediate. This proprietary formulation of safe, self-buffering chelated organic and inorganic acid blend is: Used in hydroseeders, golf course sprayers and fertigation to lower pH in water and/or soils

Specifically formulated to dissolve bicarbonates, displace sodium and assist vegetation in saline soils
- Safe for people, animals and equipment - More effective, cost-efficient and easier to use than any other liquid acidifier on the market

Packaging: Two, 2.5-gal (9.5 L) jugs/case

NeutraLime Dry


For soil pH values less than 6.3

Nothing balances soil pH faster. One 40-pound (18.1 kg) bag of NeutraLime™ Dry contains 50 percent more calcium carbonate (CaCO3) than the highest concentrated 2.5-gallon (9.5 L) jug of liquid lime.

Improves soil pH within 3 to 7 days after application and lasts for up to 18 weeks and mixes easily in the tank.
For best results, use in conjunction with slow release agricultural lime for sustained neutralization.
Store it in a dry place—there’s no limit to its shelf life.

Packaging: Four, 10-lb (4.5 kg) bags/case; 50, 40-lb (18.1 kg) bags/pallet

NeutraLime LIQUID


For soil pH values less than 6.3

NeutraLime™ Liquid balances soil pH in 7-10 days after application and is effective up to 6 weeks. It features a high concentration of the purest form of limestone available.

Fast-acting Calcium Carbonate (CaCo₃) is easy to mix and use
Ideal for hydroseeder application

Improves nutrient uptake and enhances plant establishment

Packaging: Two, 2.5-gal (9.5 L) jugs/case



Accelerate germination and vegetation establishment!

Effective immediately and lasting up to 6 weeks, JumpStart™ is a proprietary liquid formulation containing soil-penetration agents, humic acid and more than 200 species of beneficial soil bacteria.
Improves moisture infiltration and retention for faster, more complete germination and uniform stands of vegetation
Promotes faster nutrient uptake and conversion to get plants off to a faster, stronger start
Provides a hormonal plant response to maximize root development and plant stress tolerance
Reduces soil compaction and salinity for deeper root penetration

Packaging: Two, 2.5 gal (9.5 L) jugs/case



The #1 recommended all-purpose tackifier.

Tacking Agent 3® has long set the standard as an effective binding agent. It is proven to reduce soil erosion and water runoff immediately after hydroseeding as well as control dust on soils.

Multi-dimensional tack requires no cure time and contains marker dye, flocculant and hydrocolloid polymers
Binds straw/hay, hydraulic mulches and can control dust on soils
Slickifier increases the shooting distance of the hydraulic mulch slurry
Improves water-holding capacity of mulches and marker dye enhances visual metering

Packaging: Seven, 3-lb (1.4 kg) water-soluble bags/case; Four, 8-lb (3.6 kg) bags/case; 80, 25-lb (11.3 kg) bags/pallet; 40, 50-lb (22.7 kg) bags/pallet  

ConTack Organic Tackifier

contack organic

Guar-based tackifier.

ConTack® Organic Tackifier is 100% guar-gum based for an efficient and effective method of dust and erosion control, and mulch/straw binding.

An alternative where organic-based tackifiers are required
Creates fiber-to-seed-to-soil bond (without hardening) that reduces the need for reseeding while minimizing soil erosion
Helps increase flow and pumping properties of mulch, allowing machinery to run more efficiently

Packaging: Eight, 5-lb (2.3 kg) bags/case; 40, 50-lb (22.7 kg) bags/pallet 

ConTack AT


$ Smart! Starch-based tackifier

An economical choice for tacking straw or hay mulch, ConTack® AT is an agricultural tackifier made of 100% starch. It creates a chemical bond and helps minimize the need for reseeding by stabilizing mulch and straw.

Economical choice where Psyllium husk (Plantago) or starch tackifiers are specified
Recommended for straw tacking

Packaging: 40, 50-lb (22.7 kg) bags/pallet

Tornado Tack ST-1000

tornadotack st1000-bag-72

All-in-1, high- loading straw tackifier

Double your coverage in less time and with less water.

The first product in the Tornado Tack™ product line delivers the strongest, environmentally safe bond available. With its high-loading formulation and 500 pounds-per-acre (560 kg/ha) application rate, Tornado Tack ST-1000 delivers twice the coverage of conventional blended mulch. Now there’s no reason to lug multiple products to the job site and waste time repeatedly field mixing. Best of all, you’ll have complete confidence in the job being done right the first time.

Firmly anchors straw to the ground with patented cellulose with biopolymers, crimped fibers and porous ceramics
Saves you time and water with up to 40% higher loading and no field mixing required
Provides excellent performance in high wind situations
Doubles your coverage with up to 4 acres from a single 3,000-gallon (11,356 L) tank
Delivers an environmentally safe alternative to asphalt emulsion binders

Packaging: 40, 50-lb (22.7 kg) bags/pallet



Super- absorber co- polymer gel available in 2 particle sizes.

AquaGel™ is an excellent water management tool for a variety of applications.

Holds up to 400 times its weight in water
Ensures plants and roots get water where needed
Available in 2 particle sizes (B-coarse particles and D-fine particles)
AquaGel B - ideal for laying sod and dipping roots
AquaGel D - ideal for hydroseeding and transplants

Packaging: Two, 16-lb (7.3 kg) jugs/case; 25-lb (11.3 kg) bag; 50-lb (22.7 kg) drum



For longer, steeper slopes.

Increases the tensile strength of fiber mulch for hydroseeding on exposed, more critical sites. Its patented, crimped fibers help withstand higher rates of surface flow on longer and steeper slopes by interlocking with each other, increasing the mechanical bond and fiber-to-soil contact.

Crimped, 1/2-inch (12.5 mm) polypropylene fibers
Increases the mechanical bond and shooting distance of mulch slurries
Enhances the erosion control performance of all fiber mulches
Can be used in dormant conditions (fibers could last up to 13 months)

Packaging: 10-lb (4.5 kg) case

FiberBond Ultra


Strengthens mechanical and chemical bonds.

FiberBond Ultra™ enhances the performance of hydraulically applied fiber mulch by strengthening the mechanical and chemical bond of the matrices. This reliable tackifier also creates a higher-viscosity slurry to increase the coverage and shooting distance of the mulch, and improves germination for better turf establishment. FiberBond Ultra offers the flexibility needed to be used with all types of hydraulic seeding machines.

1/2-inch (12.5 mm) polypropylene fibers with guar tackifier
For use with mulches that contain no tackifiers
Increases bond strength of hydraulic mulch fibers both mechanically and chemically

Packaging: Four, 7.5-lb (3.4 kg) bags/case



Makes mulch look and shoot better.

SlikColor™ is the only concentrated marker dye with the added benefit of a slickifier to improve shooting. It can be used as a marker when applying seed and fertilizer alone, as well as during watering to enhance a job site during dry weather.

Concentrated marker dye
Improves visual metering and enhances mulch color
Slickifier increases the shooting distance of the mulch slurry

Packaging: 11, 1-lb (0.5 kg) water-soluble bags/case; Two, 11-lb (5 kg) jugs/case

ProGanics Biotic Soil Media (BSM)

proganics-bag freetrial_2_1

The most advanced Engineered Soil Media™

Soils and substrates associated with denuded sites from construction, mining, energy development and other land disturbing activities are inherently lacking in organic matter, nutrients and biological activity essential to sustainable vegetative establishment. Ideally these sites would be covered with several inches (centimeters) of rich fertile topsoil to help develop a reasonable growing medium. However, there is simply not enough suitable or reasonably priced topsoil to ameliorate inhospitable conditions on every site.

Patent-pending ProGanics™ Biotic Soil Media™ (BSM™) has been designed as a topsoil alternative that accelerates the development of depleted soils/substrates with low organic matter, low nutrient levels and limited biological activity. ProGanics is not a direct replacement for expensive topsoil, but provides an abundant source of organic matter and soil building components to quickly modify soil chemistry, initiate growth establishment and buildup of the uppermost “O” and “A” soil horizons.

Unlike peat harvested from fragile wetlands, all components of the ProGanics Biotic Soil Media blend are naturally derived and renewable, and engineered to optimize moisture retention, growth and establishment of vegetation. Request a free trial and see for yourself.

ProGanics saves time and money where the cost of topsoil is prohibitive
ProGanics can be used on challenging sites with difficult access and on steep slopes where topsoil placement is impractical
ProGanics is an excellent option when soils are too wet or frozen to dig, transport and spread
Quick and easy loading
Engineered to shoot smoothly for optimum performance   

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