JF FAIRWAY METALFairway Metal is a certified blend of improved creeping bentgrass varieties selected for superior fairway and tee performance. Seed Research of Oregon has been developing superior bentgrass varieties for many years and this blend is an opportunity to improve your fairways or tees at a competitive price.

Under many circumstances you may need to overseed your bentgrass fairways or tees due to winter damage, summer stress, irrigation repair or other factors. Fairway Metal creeping bentgrass blend is perfect to have on hand for those quick repairs necessary on every course. It can also be part of the gradual conversion process from Poa annua or perennial ryegrass to bentgrass, which requires a commitment to multiple seedings over many years, plus changes in turf management.

Regular interseeding is an important tool for turf managers. It builds a seed bank of the desirable species, ready to germinate if any hole in the canopy occurs due to divots, wear, disease or insect damage. Without the desired species present it is more likely that weeds will become established in that hole. Fairway Metal is ideal for this usage since the wide genetic diversity enables the best plants for the environment to become established.

Fairway Metal includes varieties developed over many years that exhibit superior fairway and tee performance. As a backbone it includes SR 1119 or Providence, which have been successfully used around the world for superior fairways and tees. We add in other improved creeping bentgrass cultivars from our breeding program including Brighton, Sandhill or SR 1020.


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