JF L93 BENTGRASSBackground on L-93 and PVP Protection
As you might know, there have been recent reports that the proprietary status of the Loft’s L-93 variety (or “L-93”) is in question because the U.S.D.A. Plant Variety Protection office has deemed the cultivar’s Plant Variety Protection application abandoned. Reports have further indicated that the PVP action could allow “generic” versions of the popular L-93 cultivar to be sold into the marketplace.

A Response from Simplot:
J.R. Simplot Company, acquired the rights to the variety in a U.S. bankruptcy court auction.
Simplot and its Jacklin Seed group are concerned about protecting their distributor and end-user customers from renegade seed. At this time, we recommend that our customers look for the blue certification tag. It is their ultimate assurance that the genetic material inside the product that they purchase is genuine L-93.

Jacklin Seed and our distributors are proud to continue to market L-93 with its outstanding performance in NTEP trials and worldwide customer satisfaction and stand ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

What is Simplot doing to help golf course superintendents, seed distributors, and other turf professionals with this situation?

The main issue is that even if non-certified L-93 seed is in the marketplace, our customers needn’t worry. All they need to do is check the bucket or bag for a blue certification tag. Alternatively, Jacklin Seed representatives can verify the seed origins using the lot number.

Background on PVP and Certification
The Plant Variety Protection Act (PVPA), enacted in December of 1970, and amended in 1994, provides legal intellectual property rights protection, to developers of new varieties of plants that are sexually reproduced (by seed) or are tuber-propagated. The PVPA is administered by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Seed certification addresses genetic purity. Thus, although the PVP application for L-93 may have been abandoned, the seed from Jacklin Seed can still be certified. Regardless of the PVP, the only true L-93 in the market bears the certification tag. Nothing else does.

Some facts you should know about L-93
L-93 is currently gracing the greens, tees and fairways of premier golf courses around the globe. Its reputation for providing great disease resistance without changing standard maintenance practices has made it the leading name among creeping bentgrass varieties. It is widely adapted for use across North America and is also an ideal choice for use elsewhere.

L-93 features dense upright growth that creates a perfect lie for the golf ball. It demonstrates exceptional resistance to dollar spot, Microdochium patch and warm season brown patch. Resistance to leaf spot has also been demonstrated.
These are the characteristics that can ONLY be found in genuine L-93, which is marketed by Jacklin Seed. "Generic" L-93 could be anything since it won’t be certified. .

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