JF ARCADIASuperior turf quality at mowing heights down to 1/2 inch
* Early spring green-up
* Maintains its density throughout the year
* Extremely disease tolerant

After 20 years of research and testing, ARCADIA Kentucky Bluegrass represents a major breakthrough in Bluegrass breeding - the 5-STEPS ABOVE® collection. This exciting new group of varieties offers advances in many important characteristics of Kentucky Bluegrass.

ARCADIA is the choice for the most demanding of situations. ARCADIA is ideal for golf courses, playing fields or home lawns. It boasts deep, dark-green color, whether mowed to half an inch or three inches in height. Quick germination, reduced nitrogen requirements and exceptional disease resistance make ARCADIA the premium selection.

ARCADIA, with its turf quality, high heat tolerance, enhanced resistance to turf diseases, and unmatched close-mowing performance, is the new generation of outstanding turf seed.

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