• NuÈDestiny is #1 in the Midwest (2000 NTEP)
• Scored #4 across all NTEP locations in overall quality
• Fast, reliable germination
• Tolerates all cutting heights – from fairway to roadside
• An attractive, rich, dark green color


• NuÈDestiny is the #1 Kentucky bluegrass in the Midwest: Results of the 2000 NTEP trials (2001 data) showed that NuÈDestiny was the #1 best variety in the US Midwest. Results were averaged across university sites in Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. NuÈDestiny also scored among the top entries in the Northeast, Great Plains, Mountain West, and Transition Zone regions.

• NuÈDestiny ranked #4 out of 173 NTEP Entries in Overall Turfgrass Quality: NuÈDestiny placed #4 in overall quality in NTEP, beating out Liberator and Midnight, the previous chart-toppers of the 1995-1999 trial. These results were averaged across all NTEP locations, from Atlantic to Pacific. With NuÈDestiny, you can be assured of having a top-performing variety where ever you go.

• Superior Close Cut Tolerance (#5 in NTEP): NuÈDestiny outscored 168 other elite cultivars at mowing heights below 1 inch. It excels on golf course fairways down to _ inch mowing – or anywhere the look and beauty of a true Fairway Bluegrass is desired.

• Naturally Dark Green, Dense, and Fine Bladed: NuÈDestiny Kentucky bluegrass is genetically fine leafed, for a dense, attractive appearance – by itself or in combinations with fescue or perennial ryegrass.

• Superior – Leaf spot, melting out, necrotic ring spot, Microdochium pink snow mold, dollar spot, summer patch, Poa annua, brown patch
• Good –Leaf rust, stem rust
• Fair – Crown rust, powdery mildew

NuÈDestiny was developed by Doug Brede, Ph.D., at Jacklin Seed’s world-class bluegrass breeding facilities in Idaho. NuÈDestiny appears in the 2000 Kentucky bluegrass NTEP trial under the designation, ‘J-2695.’

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