JF SR2284SR 2284 is a very fine textured, unique Kentucky bluegrass that is ideal for golf course superintendents, sod growers, sports field managers and professional landscapers, SR 2284 was bred for improved heat and drought tolerance and has improved winter color and Leaf Spot resistance. SR 2284 has very short internodes for increased turf density.

SR 2284 was developed by Rutgers University and is a progeny of C-74 Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.), developed by Dr. Richard Skogley at Rutgers University. The breeding of SR 2284 (trial name A95-284) concentrated on winter active and winter color performance.

SR 2284 is a stable and uniform variety. It produces seed with identical genetic characteristics during each cycle of seed increase. Tests in Oregon have shown that it is over 90 percent apomictic. SR 2284 has superior winter color compared to Unique and Brilliant and has better spring green-up than P-105, Impact and Award at Rutgers University trials.

* Early spring green-up and excellent fall color
* High degree of heat and drought tolerance
* Fine leaf texture and high shoot density
* Improved winter color and Leaf Spot resistance
* Moderate winter dormancy
* Very appealing dark green color
* Exhibits good necrotic ring spot resistance
* Excellent performer in moisture stress trials

SR 2284 has shown superior resistance to Leaf Spot and Stripe Smut and has improved rust resistance, especially in the Pacific Northwest.

SR 2284 is a Compact/America-type Kentucky bluegrass ideal for golf courses, sports fields and commercial and home lawns. It is also a favorite of sod growers.

* New turf: 2 pounds per 1,000 square feet or 75-100 pounds per acre
* Seeds per pound: approximately 1,200.000

* 14-17 days

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