JF Hawkeye7Hawkeye Perennial Ryegrass is one of the darkest perennial ryegrass available from Seed Research of Oregon. It is specially bred for its excellent winter color and red thread resistance. Unparalleled endophyte material was utilized in Hawkeye to insure insect resistance.

Hawkeye originated from a program aimed at inoculation of the red thread disease. In the fall of 1996, 17,160 mown spaced plants were established at Rutgers University based on their attractive appearances. These were inoculated with red thread and 37 plants were selected based on resistance and the retention of a dark green color in the absence of fertilizer. Seed was harvested from 29 of these plants while eight others served as pollinators. This seed was sent to Seed Research of Oregon in the late summer of 1998. SRX 4RHT, now known as Hawkeye, emerged from that trial the winner.

Extremely dark green color, even with reduced fertility
* High turf quality with a fine leaf texture and reduced stemminess
* Long term persistence - excellent cold and hot weather performance
* Excellent winter color and winter density when overseeded into dormant bermudagrass
* Early spring green-up in northern climates. Very high spring, summer and fall density
* High billbug resistance due to high endophyte levels
* Excellent resistance to red thread, snow mold and brown patch

Hawkeye's dark green color makes it ideal for a variety of turf applications. Hawkeye has shown superior wear resistance and recovery, making it perfect for sports fields. Blend Hawkeye with other perennial ryegrasses for sod production or golf course fairways. It also can be mixed with Kentucky bluegrasses and fine fescues for home lawns and commercial sites. In blends with other perennial ryegrasses or mixed with Poa Trivialis, its dark green color and high diseases resistance make it ideal for overseeding permanent turf.

New turf: 7-9 pounds per 1,000 square feet or 300-400 pounds per acre
* Overseeding rate: 30 pounds per 1,000 square feet for golf greens
250-450 pounds per acre for roughs
600-700 pounds per acre on fairways
* Seeds per pound: approximately 250,000

Emergence in 3-7 days under proper conditions. First mowing 2 weeks after emergence.

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