JF SecondaryRough7Suggested mixture:

40% MX 86 Sheep Fescue
40% SR 3100 Hard Fescue
10% SR 3200 Blue Fescue
10% SR 5100 Chewing Fescue

If you have steep slopes and need quick groundcover for stabilization
add 5- 10 % Annual Ryegrass.

Seeding Rate:
approximately 215 lbs per acre, or 5 lbs per 1,000 sq. ft.

Performance Characteristics:
Excellent Drought Tolerance and Low water usage. This mixture will produce a very low maintenance turf. Once established the mixture will require little water and fertilization. The mixture also has excellent disease tolerance and has very high levels of endophyte.

Use approximately _ to 1 lb of starter fertilizer. Like all seed varieties they need heat and water to grow. Ample heat and water are very important in the first few weeks to get the seedlings to establish. Once a healthy stand has been established cut back on the water.

It is not necessary to fertilize every year. If you wish to fertilize _ lb per year will be enough. If you feel you need a denser stand of turf mow the turf down to about 3-4 inches in the fall after the seed has gone to head and has had time to dry. This will aid in re-seeding itself.

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