JF TraditionScotland. Ireland. Wales. England. From linksland to heathland, in the birthplace of golf, no grass defines the Traditional swards like fine fescues. Chewings, hard, blue, sheeps, and creeping red fescues are the indigenous grasses of the game and the backbone of the Traditional golf course seed mixtures.

Over the centuries, fine fescues have been renowned for their survival under extreme conditions. Infertile and dry soils. Close mowing heights. Deep shade. In places where turf is neglected, tortured and forgotten, fine fescues endure.

Tradition® Fine Fescue Mixture is the perfect solution to those difficult to manage turf areas. Tradition® is SR 3100 hard, SR 5100 Chewings, SR 3200 blue, and SR 5200E strong creeping red fescues, specially blended for optimum performance under the highest turfgrass management, or planted as a cover for naturalizing low maintenance or native settings.

SR 3100 hard fescue - classic hard fescue performance. Dense, dwarf, dark, compact growth that thrives in low fertility and infrequent irrigation. Extremely high endophyte levels. (approximately 40% of the mixture)

SR 5100 Chewings fescue - classic performance from one of the NTEP's perennial top performers. Renowned for its excellent turf quality and high levels of viable endophyte. Dwarf growth habit. (approximately 40% of the mixture)

SR 3200 blue fescue - the most unique advancement in fescue breeding: a true blue fescue with extraordinary turf quality. Fine textured and low growing, with very high endophyte levels. (approximately 10% of the mixture)

SR 5200E strong creeping red fescue - extremely high quality turf with high levels of viable endophyte. Excellent soil stabilization through aggressive, rhizomatous growth habit. (approximately 10% of the mixture)

Tradition® is perfect for partly to heavily shaded sites where water and fertilizer conservation is important. Areas with dry shade are perfect for establishing Tradition® in spring or autumn. Seeding rates for high maintenance turf is 4-6 pounds per 1000 square feet, or 175-225 pounds per acre.

Tradition® is an excellent mixture for establishing and stabilizing naturalized areas. From wildlife cover to wildflower beds, erosion buffers to bank stabilization, Tradition® is well suited to broadcast, drill, and hydroseedings at rates of 1-3 pounds per 1000 square feet, or 50-125 pounds per acre.

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